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New Parents

Welcome to your new journey. You may not have expected this turn of events in your life, but we are here to say it will be okay, there is hope. If this is a sad day for you it will most probably turn around. The DSALA would like to provide you with a New Parents’ Packet full of valuable information about your new baby with Down syndrome. We can put you in touch with other parents in your area with children who have DS if you like. We can help you connect to a parent support network in your community. We are here to meet your needs. We have been there. The DSALA is made up of families from across Los Angeles County. We have pioneered before you and you will pioneer for the families to follow you. Contact us for your New Parent Packet and to get in our database to receive notices on events, news items, research, and more. Please navigate to the New Family Information tab to request a New Parent's Packet.

Regional Centers Offer Support You have the California Regional Center system available to you. The Regional Centers support our children in meeting their needs for early intervention programs and therapies before they enter the school system. If you have not already contacted your Regional Center do, and if you don’t know which one you need to contact, give us a call and we can give you the one in your area or check this Regional Center List. Your child has been born at a time when there is quite a bit of research going on in regard to Down syndrome. One of the premier research programs is right here in California, the Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation at Stanford. Visit their website and learn more about their mission and progress.

Down Syndrome: The Journey Ahead
Produced by the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati

A 15-minute film with parents talking about their journey with a child with Down syndrome.