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Reading Workshop Part 2

Saturday, October 14, 2023
10:00 am11:00 am

Part 1: Saturday, September 23, 2023
Part 2: Saturday, October 14, 2023

Join us for two 90-minute presentations on the Whole Child Reading Method, giving you a quick-start guide to teaching reading to our learners of any age. Whether your learner is 4 or 40, there is a way to success that works most efficiently, and these two classes will focus on how to get there. Participants must attend both presentations, as they offer different information, and one builds on the other.

What you will learn:
• Understanding the basis of the Whole Child Reading method, which is "We go in through the heart and teach to the brain."
o Learning how to create those "heart" materials and using the ready-made Special Reads materials.
o Learning the strategies of "teaching to the brain" and correctly using hemisphere learning techniques has long proven effective for fast and permanent retention.
• Understanding the learning weakness and strengths of learners with Down syndrome and how to accommodate both.
• Understanding the phonics vs. whole words debate and learning which to use and when.
• Teaching individuals with a dual diagnosis of DS/ASD (autism) and DS/CAS (apraxia)

About the speaker
Natalie Hale is an award-winning author, an innovative educator, a parent of an adult son with Down syndrome, and for over 30 years, a national and international speaker on teaching reading to learners with Down syndrome and other developmental delays. Natalie lives in Los Angeles and continues to travel and teach parents and educators across the country and borders through her reading workshops in person and online.

Sample List of Books:
- Whole Child Reading: A Quick-Start Guide to Teaching Learners with
- Down Syndrome and Other Developmental Delays
- Down Syndrome Parenting 101: Must-Have Advice for Making Your Life Easier
- Managing My Money: Banking and Budgeting Basics
- Oh, Brother! Growing Up With A Special Needs Sibling